Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bye, Bye, Winter!

Bye snow and cold!
shirt & vest - Justice
jeans - Levi's
hat - Annie at Target
boots - Cherokee

The calendar says it is Winter, but guess what? Hello Spring! Spring is around the corner! Spring means warm, bright and neon colors. This has been a weird Spring because you don't know what to wear! One day it is in the 70s, the next it is snowing!
Luckily that is over, and now short sleeves can be worn. I love Spring! I like experimenting with my wardrobe, so I put on a short sleeve denim dress with a colorful belt in the picture below. I was
going to the movies so I decided to dress up a little bit. The first photo was taken earlier this Spring during that unreliable weather period. I put it here to show how important the weather is to fashion and what you choose to wear.
dress - J. Khaki
jacket - Arizona
tights - Cherokee
boots - Cherokee
hat - Justice
P.S. I love weather and fashion! Oh, did I mention I love Spring?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Look Who's At the Mall!!

What We Wore:
jackets - Arizona
dresses - Sequin Hearts
boots - Arizona and Route 66
The other day I went to the mall looking for my Easter dress. And look who I found! Taylor! My cousins were out shopping too. We don't often get to see each other so Taylor came home to spend the night. It's a treat when we get together.
Taylor and I are best friends as we are almost the same age. But I am the oldest - by 17 days. Since we are almost the same size, she just came home with me and borrowed pajamas and something for church the next day.

We like to dress alike and sometimes buy the same outfits. But I don't have two of any one outfit so we just tried to look the same. We wore jackets because of the cool Spring air. Our dresses have the same chevron pattern and we wore riding boots. Even our hair matched in buns! Sleep overs are so much fun!!                   


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

snow bib - C9 by Champion
pullover - C9 by Champion
boots - Circo
scarf - Custom by Maddi
I had so much fun in this winter weather! I've been learning to sew. Last year I made a scarf and headband. I am wearing the headband in the photo above.

This is Sweetie. She's my little Yorkshire Terrier. Isn't she so cute playing
in the snow? The snow was almost too deep for my Yorkie!
On  my last post I talked about going out after a ballgame with my friends. I asked if you could guess where we were. If you said Krispy Kreme you guessed it!! I don't like donuts that much but I do like hot chocolate! Check back soon to see what I'm doing.